Shift Fitness is an all inclusive fitness facility in Malaga, helping build lifelong habits.

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Who We Help

People needing an empathetic approach, are motivated by progress and want to feel better.

How It Works

Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching – we’re now online too!

Are you the sort of person who needs

an all inclusive exercise facility to build healthy habits with full body fitness?

The team at Shift Fitness might be just you’ve been looking for.

They specialise in working with people needing an empathetic approach, motivated by progress and ultimately, feeling better!

The Trainers at Shift Fitness are the experts in helping people:

Begin a new fitness journey.

Improve long term fitness and nutrition habits.

Manage weight using exercise and nutrition.

Build confidence and overcome mental barriers.

Prevent and recover from injury.

Personal Training

Custom programming and guidance to help you obtain and maintain your body.

Online Coaching

Monthly subscription with follow-along video workouts and check-ins.


Coaching to help you build lifelong habits around participation, not perfection.

“Flexibility to work with my schedule and regular communication helps me stay on target and my mindset on training has become more positive.”


“I can finally say I enjoy working out, and I truly believe its because of Nissan. Who knew i would go to a 6am session and enjoy it?! She pushes me more every week but knows my limits”


“Nissan’s guidance and experience helped me through pregnancy and labour. I trusted her completely with my body and baby bump.”


“Nissan understands what’s needed for rehabilitation and recovery, and it’s helped me increase my overall strength and conditioning to make me stronger on the bike than I have ever been”


“My partner and I love the variety of classes, the fun and motivating energy and the professional service that they provide. Can’t see us training anywhere else”


“Nissan’s sessions have brought me awareness and helped me understand my body better. Training has improved my general health and reduce my anxiety.”


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Unit 10, 11 Exchange Road, MALAGA WA 6090.